• Livingstones Are nature Soft Rock Pillows

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    Livingstones Are nature Soft Rock Pillows

    Everything you know is a lie – these rocks are actually extremely comfy throw pillows. The perfect accessory to a log cabin or home with an earthy style, these rock pillows look and feel great, and are especially great for an intense pillow fight.This Pizza Pillow is certain to wake your taste buds, made of high quality printing on a round polyester shell, stuffed with polyester filling. Measuring 12" diameter, pizza pillow features the pizza toppings on one side, while the back resembles the pizza crust view from the bottom. This pillow rocks --literally. Created by Livingstones, the Rock Pillows are playful cushions, shaped and colored just like boulders. This Godfather-inspired horse head plush is the perfect reminder of the mistake they once made in wronging you, or for someone who just needs a good shaking up. Everyone has somebody that deserves one of these awful pillows. A soft and pleasurable pillow, the Boyfriend B... Read more

  • How could i be such like living stone pillow

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    How could i be such like living stone pillow

    Textile designer Ronel Jordaan designed all of the stones we've seen so far. They are crafted by artisans in a women's workshop she set up in Gauteng- Johannesburg, South Africa. She also sources the wool and interior wire forms locally. To date, she has employed and trained more than 40 people to craft the stones.A French company, Smarin, has created its own unique fabric stones, called "Livingstones." These are crafted of virgin wool and come in a number of shapes and sizes.

    If you want the stone look in a more traditional shape, this Soft Stone Ottoman (available via VivaTerra) also has the mix of felt and pebble shapes in a different form. If you can live with the hassle of taking a bulky cushion during trips, the Living Stone Pillow should help make coach class travel just a little more tolerable.Add a bonus memory foam ear plugs and a water-proof compact carrying pouch and say&nbs... Read more

  • Why buy a toy pillow when you can have one of these

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    Why buy a toy pillow when you can have one of these

    The only problem I can see is, who has the time for lying around on the couch all day when there's Tweeting to be done? An indoor/outdoor version is available in neoprene.The couple above are about to a) bounce on the soft surface of the Livingstones, pillows with the shape and colors of rocks, b) break six ribs, dislocate a hip, fracture several vertebrae and lose various teeth, c) get some business time, or d) all of the above. Jump and bounce for more pictures, including their whole catalog of indoor and outdoor models.Assuming the small rocks in the above picture are at the low end of the spectrum ($145) and the large rock is at the high end ($675), I'm not sure how much Black Amex-induced liquor would be required to get me to spend $1835 on pillows.No, these stones are not as hard as they look. Realized in wool and synthetic by Smarindesign, these pebble cushions will alloz you to recreate a beach atmosphere on your living room or your bedroom.What will you do with tiny, s... Read more

  • I Say Living Stone Pillow; You Say, “What’s That?

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    I Say Living Stone Pillow; You Say, “What’s That?

    Available as floor cushions, pouffes, and sofas, Livingstones are formed around a structure of Bultex foam rubber and covered in 100% virgin wool or polar fleece in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors.Designer Todd von Bastiaans with the help of Bryan McCarthy created the tempur-pedic foam-filled Living Stone Pillow for Unicahome. They are available with butter pat accent pillows for the complete look.Man, these Living Stone Pillow look delicious AND absurdly comfortable. They even come with pats of butter! Designers Todd von Bastiaans and Bryan McCarthy have accomplished two things: complete my bedroom decor; and make me want breakfast. $600 each.Lounge out on a stack of these Living Stone Pillow by Todd von Bastiaans.

    Order a double stack, grab the included butter throw pillows, and do some of the fluffiest lazing possible. These are going to sell ... Read more

  • Indoor Living Stone Pillows You'll Love

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    Indoor Living Stone Pillows You'll Love

    The Almanett is named for Almanett Daniels, the mother of Rip Daniels and grandmother of Michael and Tabari Daniels, all of whom are the owners. Each room is named for a family member -- aunts or grandparents. Dixie Daniels, Rip's wife, did much of the interior design, Michael Daniels said.In the Loretta room, two full beds get warm pops of color from red and gold accents and a red dust ruffle. Accent Living Stone Pillows stay within the same color family but grab individual attention with a variety of textures -- ruffles, brocade, quilted cotton toile.The Melinda room has a more youthful feel, with purple and green adding both vibrancy and calmness.The Genevieve room continues the cool-toned theme with green and turquoise, including seawater-colored coral appliqued on white Living Stone Pillows."With the wicker, we wanted to keep a Key West look," Michael Daniels said. It also works with a variety of inte... Read more

  • Living Stone Pillows is a festive hit

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    Living Stone Pillows is a festive hit

    Does that episode of the Twilight Zone where the sun moves farther away from the earth scare you as much as it does me? Hell, let’s just talk about how cold we are. How cold are you? Can you type with your fingers? What do you do?Machate has put his stamp solidly on the game, serving as Darkon president twice and treasurer once. He wrote the rules governing how countries claim and fight over land and the rules for the game's nobility system. At 42, he no longer takes to the field as frequently, but he has become more involved in the role-play around the 
    court. This also gives him a chance to use the gear acquired in his other pursuits, which include 17th century living-history re-enactments and serving as guard for the royals at Maryland's Renaissance Festival."I like dressing up, I like wearing funny clothes," he said. "And [Darkon] provides a safe environment to hit people with Living Stone Living Stone Pillowss. I still... Read more